ATV / UTV Covers

Custom ATV/UTV Covers

Your ATV or UTV can be an expensive investment. An ATV/UTV cover will protect it and your investment from extreme weather elements. If you don't have the luxury of storing your ATV/UTV in a garage or indoor space, a cover is your best option for protecting it from the elements. At Tara's Stitches, we can custom make a cover for you. We use quality materials and never cut corners to ensure our customers get a quality product that will last.

Benefits Of ATV/UTV Covers

Storing your ATV/UTV with a cover will protect the seats, cables, grips, paint, and tires from the sun. A cover will prevent rust from forming on exposed metal and prevent excess condensation inside your gas tank. Covering your ATV/UTV while storing it can increase its value. One of our custom cover from Tara's Stitches will ensure your ATV/UTV is ready for use when you want to use it.

A Proper Fitting ATV/UTV Cover Is Important

There are different types of material that ATV/UTV covers are made of. The two most common materials are polyester and nylon. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on your geography and usage. Both polyester and nylon are water-resistant and protect from sun penetration. Nylon is stronger and used with more severe weather conditions. Polyester is more heat resistant. Both nylon and polyester do not have a lot of elasticity. Finding the right cover that fits correctly can be tricky since ATVs and UTVs come in all different sizes. If your cover is too big, the cover can fall off, catch the wind, and doesn't protect from the elements as it should. A cover that is too small, will not provide adequate protection. Having one of our covers custom-made to fit your machine is the best option. 

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