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We Repair Zippers

I bet you have never thought about the quality of a zipper on clothing, bags, luggage, sporting goods, camping gear, and even hot tub covers. There are a variety of different zippers used, the quality of the zipper makes a big difference in how long the zipper will last. For most, once a zipper fails the product is useless or not functional anymore. Chances are you probably had to throw it out and buy new. Companies sometimes try to cut costs by using a lower quality inexpensive zipper. At Tara's Stitches, we can repair or replace the broken zipper and make your item functional again. We will make sure we replace it with a quality zipper that will last.

Common Zipper Issues

One common problem with a zipper is the pin not being correctly inserted into the retainer before pulling up on the zipper. When this happens you need to hold one side of the zipper tight and pull the zipper back down. Have you ever had a zipper peel open from the bottom? This usually happens when the pin, once again, isn't inserted into the retainer. This can be tricky to reverse. You may try reinserting the pin into the retainer and then gently pull down on the tab. A jammed zipper is probably the most common issue. Once again make sure the pin is correctly inserted into the retainer and pull the tab gently. If it still doesn't move, then check the zipper for kinks, bent teeth, or missing teeth. Sometimes zippers need to be replaced. At Tara's Stitches, we will replace the zipper with a quality zipper that will extend the life of your jacket, luggage, camping gear, or hot tub cover. 

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