Wall Tent Repairs

We Offer Wall Tent Repair

A wall tent's quality and durability can vary widely from brand to brand. A less expensive wall tent may need repairs or replaced sooner than if you invest in a quality tent. Either way ware and tear does happen. Some common repairs needed are torn canvas, bad zipper, torn seam, door and window repair, stove jacks, and mold and mildew. We know that your wall tent can be an investment and can be expensive to replace. A more economical choice would be to have it repaired. Here at Tara's Stitches, we can bring your wall tent back to working order.

Wall Tent Basics

Wall tents are the best type of tent to protect you from severe and unpredictable weather. The canvas that a wall tent is made of is strong and durable. There are steps to take in order to maintain your wall tent properly. Your wall tent must be seasoned before being used for the first time. This seasoning consists of setting the tent up and soaking it down with water three times. You must let it dry in between soaks. Make sure it is fully dry before putting it away. Choosing a proper location can help extend the life of your tent. Sun (UV) rays are very damaging to the canvas. If it is set up where trees can shield it from the sun this will slow the decay of materials. Wall tents can be used in extreme weather. Removing the snow often will help eliminate the canvas from stretching. As with everything, the better you take care of it the longer it will last. Cleaning your tent regularly and removing moisture before storing will help maximize the life expectancy of your wall tent.

We Do It All

Here at Tara's Stitches, we do it all. If you have a wall tent that needs to be repaired, we have you covered. We can patch walls, floors, ceilings, repair zippers, reattach and rebuild webbing, straps, and replace hardware.  We work with only quality materials to produce high-quality products that you can depend on. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

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